The display servo has an extremely fine step accuracy of about half a degree per step, with 600 steps for up to 315 degrees and fast reaction times for fast movements. Its smooth movement makes it highly suitable for small-scale projects that require a dial gauge, and for high-precision movements with a needle display.

As it uses a bipolar stepper motor, you need a type of H-bridge. For example, an L293D or TB6612. If you have a microcontroller that can drive loads of 200 Ohms, you can connect it directly to the display servo, but don’t forget to use backlash/return protection diodes!

Remember that the motor is fairly “weak” and that it is not suitable for moving anything other than the display needle supplied with it.
The display servo includes a red display needle.

Technical data:
• Maximum axial force: 100 N
• Maximum radial force: 12 N
• Maximum rotation angle: 315°
• Coil resistance: 260 Ohms
• General tolerance: ± 0.1 / ± 5°
• Maximum rotation angle: ~ 315°
• 600 steps per “rotation” (rotation through 315 degrees)

• Red Line dial face diameter: 13 mm
• Red Line dial length: 42 mm
• Dial face thickness: 1 mm
• Motor diameter: 32 mm
• Motor thickness (without pins): 9 mm

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