- max. 1200 pins/pads
- max. 4 copper layers
- simulation up to 75 signals
- front panel milling max. 140 cm

NEW  V20 released

  • Push&Shove: When routing a new track, neighboring tracks are pushed aside, if necessary.
    Neighbors of the neighbor follow like a cascade. Spacing rules are obeyed.
  • Move vertices to the grid/add any point to the grid: Push&Shove has put some tracks out of the grid? No problem:
    Drag vertices back to the grid by adding the [Shift] key. Or you would generate additional grid points just at the spot where you are.
  • Selecting track segments: With [Shift] and [Ctrl] as usual in Windows select either "all inbetween" or just the first and last highlighted track segment.
  • Design Rule Check: The check for minimum spacings was significantly accelerated.
  • Air wires: Number of air wires - A useful little feature to plan and calculate you routing activities.

Why should you use it?

  • Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10, Linux/Wine
  • Windows graphical user interface
  • Schematic, simulation and layout with 3D view is one unit based on one central project file, representing just the two faces of the same coin (realtime data integration, no forward-back annotation needed)
  • Toggle between schematic and layout or have both in separate windows besides each other
  • Several projects can be opened simultaneously
  • Project administration with project version info, project logbook, ToDo list
  • Renamings, renumberings, pin- or gate swaps are automatically implemented to schematic and layout
  • Highest accuracy: vectorgraphics with a resolution of 1nm = 1/1.000.000 mm (units metrical or imperial)
  • 1 cm PCB is 1 cm on screen (true coordinates) when scale is set 100%
  • 2.00 meters by 2.00 meters working area in schematic and layout (PCB)
  • Any grid, rotate at any angle
  • Component database with over 36.000 components online (free access for any user).
  • Components can be edited after insertion to schematic or layout
  • 50 steps undo/redo
  • Clipboard inserts your vector drawings also into MS-Word, OpenOffice or similar lossless for means of documentation
  • Interactive automatic placement of components (Autoplacer), placment of components according to figures (cluster placement, alignment assistant)
  • Two internal autorouters allowing different strategies of autorouting
  • Interface to the external autorouter "ELECTRA", an OEM Product which we sell in partnership with the Belgian producer
  • Import of Protel* and Eagle* projects, direct export to Eagle*
  • Import of netlists in OrCAD*-Multiwire and Mentor* format, TARGET-ASCII und Gerber*-Format
  • Creation of netlists in Protel*, OrCAD*, Calay* and Pads FORMAT
  • Creation of BoMs in Protel*, OrCAD* and Calay* format
  • Read in of Bitmaps (Logo etc.)
  • Export to all Windows printers
  • Your individual project documentations multilingual (three languages possible)
  • Electrical rule check (ERC)
  • Design rule check (DRC)
  • Generating all common data formats for production on button-click: Export to Gerber RS274-D*, Gerber RS274-X*, Excellon*, Sieb&Meyer*, DXF, Postscript* and TARGET-ASCII (referenced, open ASCII Interface)
  • Several milling formats besides HPGL supported
  • Separate printing of all layers in use
  • Easy creation of individual components (package and symbol, simulation model and 3D- model) having endless component properties
  • Up to 256 variants of assembly within one project.
  • Component Management System (CMS) with deep-links to the shops of several distributors, providing data sheets accordingly
  • Network compatible, project-locking, password for libraries
  • Free Updates within the current main version
  • Transparency of your workflow in TARGET 3001!
  • Freedom of action and flexibility maximized, interdictions and prohibitions minimized
  • Straightforward logic and design in all modules
  • Numerous Commercial features within the component management system (CMS)

* Protel, Eagle, OrCAD, Gerber, Excellon, Calay and PostScript are registered trademarks. All rights reserved to the owners.

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