This 100W switch power pack with Current Limiting Control is designed with compactness, easy portability and high accuracy in mind. The large, backlit LCD display supplies clear and precise readings even in weak lighting conditions and the overvoltage protection ensures a better and safer protection for voltage-sensitive loads. The equipment has low ripple & noise, typical of progressive switch power packs, giving a good voltage and load control and high efficiency.

-backlit LCD-display of A, V.
-4-digit, 13mm-display of voltage and current measurement
- Protection against output overvoltage, short-circuit, overload and temperature rise
-Safety: conforms to EN-61010, EMV: EN-55011

- Accessories provided: Mains cable, test leads and operating instructions
- Adjustable output voltage section: 1.0 - 20 V
- Adjustable output current range: 0 – 5 A

Voltage regulation:

Load from 10% to 100% variation: 70 mVs
Line from 180 to 264V AC variation: 20 mVs
Ripple & Noise in r.m.s.: 5 mVs
Ripple & Noise (peak to peak): 30 mVs

Current regulation:

Load from 10% to 100% variation: 20 mA
Line from 180 to 264V AC variation: 20 mA
Ripple & Noise (peak to peak): 20 mA
Circuit frequency: 80 - 120 kHz
Power factor: 0,68
Efficiency at maximum power: 84 %
Voltmeter Accuracy: ± 1,0 % + 3 dgt.
Ammeter accuracy: ±1,0 % + 3 dgt.

Input voltage (Jumper selection): 90 ~ 240V AC; 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxL): 70 x 150 x 250 mm
Weight: 2 kg
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