For soldering SMD components on PCBs.
ISO-Flux® Clear has been adapted to suit the new requirements regarding its activation and temperature stability as part of the lead-free-conversion, and it has therefore been optimized for Sn/Ag, Sn/Ag/Cu and Sn/Cu soldering systems. Real REL0 quality, crystal clear flux residues.

The flux is also easy to apply manually using the syringe.

The flux is supplied with a Dispensing needle that can also be reordered here.

Scope of supply:
1 x 5 ml flux cream in a cartridge
1 x plunger
1 x dispensing needle

Flux in compliance with DIN EN 29454.1, 1.1.3.C /
DIN EN 61190-1-3, ROL1.
ISO-Flux® Clear 1.2.3.C / REL0
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