Palux 30H is highly suitable for all printed circuit boards (also SMD).

The fluid is soluble in water and non-foaming.

It can be rinsed off in cold water and guarantees low levels of ionic impurities.

The surface of the printed circuit board after tin plating is shiny and has excellent electrical surface resistances.

Palux 30H is neutral to stainless steel, solder baths and soldering tips. Cover panels and exhaust air systems are not damaged by the fluid and are thus easy to care for.

When introducing rinsing water into the waste water channels, the local regulations must be observed. The safety data sheet is available in the Download area.

Even corroded pads and bare copper can be soldered without difficulty.

The connections on THT components can be carefully wetted with the fluid before soldering.

The soldering quality when using a hand-held soldering iron or our solder pots is remarkable.

The kit includes a 50 ml wide-neck container with fluid and a 4-mm wide brush that you can use to wet the pads or the pins on the components. We recommend that you refill it with Palux 30H fluid 250 ml. Replacement brushes are also available.

Technical data:

pH in a water solution: approx. 1
Viscosity: approx. 350 mm
2/sec Density: 1.07 – 1.1 g/cm3
Flash point: > 300°C
Ignition temperature: approx. 415°C

CAUTION: Avoid contact with skin, use protective gloves and protective glasses.
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